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NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

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JJ8 JJ8 7 hours ago
Given how the share price moved in 2024, it looks like a reasonable bet from my perspective.

The way Nvidia Leadership and Management is planning ahead and is abreast of the competition at this time through partnerships and alliances with a range of specialized companies covering the whole field is indeed impressive.

This endeavor comes across deliberate, serious and at a pace unlike what we are used to see in business in general. This is special and something different. We shall see.

A higher level of Human Intelligence (HI) paving the way for using AI fast in a wide range of creative and wiser ways to improve productivity, efficiency in abandon of the trial/error approach defying the accepted Moore's Law.

Michael Dell said AI a "big leap" for mankind in his interview at CNBC yesterday.
4retire 4retire 8 hours ago
I bought the same amount of AMD at the same time. It’s done really well too. In comparison to NVDA though, it can’t hold a candle to the brilliance of Jensen Huang. And Lisa Su is a phenomenal leader. The VISION sets them apart
4retire 4retire 9 hours ago
I bought quite a few shares of NVDA in September, 2016. Those shares have increased X 40 in number and I’m lucky I didn’t push the sell button in those 8 years. NVDA has made many multi-millionaires over these last two years. Just feeling blessed and bashers (paid, or not) have no effect.
4retire 4retire 9 hours ago
He’s truly a genius…..not only in engineering and design, but has proven to be a wizard in sales/marketing as well. We are blessed to be invested in such a leader/company.
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cadillacdave cadillacdave 11 hours ago
Have to give Jensen credit. He seems to spread out and time each news release, new deal, partnership and new tech releases to keep the momentum moving the stock up. Great job!!
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“Top engineers”. A necessary evil. I’m out in the field fixing their screw ups every week. Like I said, you still have no idea the life changing effects AI will have in the future. It will solve the problems that your 50 top engineers can’t figure out in minutes. Pure vapor. LOL.
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MG08 MG08 12 hours ago
Thank you DG! I'll look at the link. I've started reading up on options but get bored and lost after they trot out the terms involved; strike price, OTM, ITM, etc. Not the razor's edge I was in my misspent yute.
MG08 MG08 12 hours ago
Just placed my limit order at specified price. I get stupidly stubborn about a .50 to $1.00 difference; as if I were day trading, which I did in the mid 90's for about 6 months full time. Anyone with half a brain made money on tech stocks then.

But I was at the PC 14 hours a day, pre and post hours. Maria Bartiromo on the TV. Two monitors. 2-4, 2 litre bottles diet soda a day. 2 packs Marlboro red a day. I was afraid to go to the bathroom!

Finally stopped the madness and went back to my telecom job troubleshooting the 'new' 1.5 digital circuits and the old analog lines.
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DiscoverGold DiscoverGold 12 hours ago
A trader placed a bet that NVDA price will increase between now and July 19, 2024.
For the trader to brake even the price will need to be at 145.81 at the end of the the term (July 19, 2024).
He can sell the contract anytime in between as he sees it fit.

Understanding Options information can be found:,price%20of%20the%20stock%20declines.

Jetmek_03052 Jetmek_03052 12 hours ago
I understand.

I added just before the split. I'm up just short of $10K more, since it opened post-split.

You just have to take the plunge. It will go down here and there. It's inevitable. But I think all things being equal (and barring any market catastrophe's), it will rise from here. At least for the next year or so. Maybe even TWO years.
MG08 MG08 13 hours ago
Thanks, Jetmek. And they think the price will increase before the July expiriation date?

Every time I start to add to my NVDA shares I get cold feet. Next day, when price is up, I get the "I shudda done it!" blues. Even at current pps I'd be up good amount per share, so it's only a matter of hitting "enter".
Jetmek_03052 Jetmek_03052 13 hours ago
It shows that someone with a LOT of money has bet that NVDA is going to continue to head North!
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4retire 4retire 13 hours ago
I wonder if the NY guy thinks this is vaporware as well. This is great for every industry.and is a huge path forward for small companies that now have access to formidable AI problem solving and quicker solution paths
MG08 MG08 13 hours ago
Ok, DG. What's that mean in layman's terms and what's it's likely impact on stock price?
JJ8 JJ8 13 hours ago
For many years I have always bought and used HP Computers.

The current one I bought last year is a desktop that is one that Monitor is combined with the CPU as one unit. It's already being tested and they make surveys with me to learn from users.

I expect the next AI computer will be there to tell me before I push the buy order on any stock shares, STOP there are better stocks giving me the reason that fully combines the Fundamental, technical and marketwise what is doing good timely manner. And that one goes for stocks trading. Use your imagination how it is going to be a superior advisor for a wide range of activities online. This is just the beginning stage and a lot more coming! It's a wonderful time to live this revolutionary change.

Live and learn, learn and live better.

Cheers & GLTA
DiscoverGold DiscoverGold 13 hours ago
$NVDA Very Unusual $3 Million OTM Call that hit the tape an hour ago
By: Cheddar Flow | June 18, 2024

• $NVDA Very Unusual $3M OTM Call that hit the tape an hour ago

This whale is most likely swinging their position overnight and into end of week, due to the late-day entry and July expiration

*Above the Ask*

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MG08 MG08 13 hours ago
Market's closed tomorrow. What are your guesses for Thursday's open price; up or down from today's close? This link shows bid and ask volume, level 1. I watched several 750,000 bid and ask orders filled in last 6 mins of today's day.
JJ8 JJ8 13 hours ago
Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA Announce ‘NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE’ to Accelerate Generative AI Industrial Revolution
June 18 2024 - 12:30PM

New Lineup Features First-of-Its-Kind Turnkey, Private-Cloud AI Solution Including Sustainable Accelerated Computing with Full Lifecycle Services to Streamline Time to Value with AI

HPE Discover 2024 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) and NVIDIA today announced NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE, a portfolio of co-developed AI solutions and joint go-to-market integrations that enable enterprises to accelerate adoption of generative AI.

Among the portfolio’s key offerings is HPE Private Cloud AI, a first-of-its-kind solution that provides the deepest integration to date of NVIDIA AI computing, networking and software with HPE’s AI storage, compute and the HPE GreenLake cloud. The offering enables enterprises of every size to gain an energy-efficient, fast, and flexible path for sustainably developing and deploying generative AI applications. Powered by the new OpsRamp AI copilot that helps IT operations improve workload and IT efficiency, HPE Private Cloud AI includes a self-service cloud experience with full lifecycle management and is available in four right-sized configurations to support a broad range of AI workloads and use cases.

All NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE offerings and services will be available through a joint go-to-market strategy that spans sales teams and channel partners, training and a global network of system integrators — including Deloitte, HCLTech, Infosys, TCS and Wipro — that can help enterprises across a variety of industries run complex AI workloads.

Announced during the HPE Discover keynote by HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri, who was joined by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE marks the expansion of a decades-long partnership and reflects the substantial commitment of time and resources from each company.

“Generative AI holds immense potential for enterprise transformation, but the complexities of fragmented AI technology contain too many risks and barriers that hamper large-scale enterprise adoption and can jeopardize a company’s most valuable asset - its proprietary data,” said Neri. “To unleash the immense potential of generative AI in the enterprise, HPE and NVIDIA co-developed a turnkey private cloud for AI that will enable enterprises to focus their resources on developing new AI use cases that can boost productivity and unlock new revenue streams.”

“Generative AI and accelerated computing are fueling a fundamental transformation as every industry races to join the industrial revolution,” said Huang. “Never before have NVIDIA and HPE integrated our technologies so deeply – combining the entire NVIDIA AI computing stack along with HPE’s private cloud technology – to equip enterprise clients and AI professionals with the most advanced computing infrastructure and services to expand the frontier of AI.”

HPE and NVIDIA co-developed Private Cloud AI portfolio

HPE Private Cloud AI delivers a unique, cloud-based experience to accelerate innovation and return on investment while managing enterprise risk from AI. The solution offers:

Support for inference, fine-tuning and RAG AI workloads that utilize proprietary data.
Enterprise control for data privacy, security, transparency, and governance requirements.
Cloud experience with ITOps and AIOps capabilities to increase productivity.
Fast path to consume flexibly to meet future AI opportunities and growth.
Curated AI and data software stack in HPE Private Cloud AI
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JJ8 JJ8 14 hours ago
Nvidia passes market cap of Microsoft!

Black Label on ice!
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cadillacdave cadillacdave 14 hours ago
I listen and consider what everyone has to say. Then I invest the opposite of what power11 has suggested. So far, that strategy has been a winner here.
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Jetmek_03052 Jetmek_03052 14 hours ago
I wouldn't be surprised to see a little profit taking here, in the last hour.
cadillacdave cadillacdave 14 hours ago
Nice analogy with fire and electricity.
rayank rayank 15 hours ago
Lots of insiders selling lately. Profit taking?
pepeoil pepeoil 16 hours ago
No man, Stevie wonder could see that you have no clue
pepeoil pepeoil 16 hours ago
Anyone who listens to anyone in investing dies not need to be investing. Do your own work and roll the dice baby. Power 11 has been screaming sell for a long time. Be glad you do not listen to him
TappyS TappyS 16 hours ago
Right On!
NYCPuglet NYCPuglet 16 hours ago
It’s obvious you don’t understand how the world works.

That’s fine. No offense taken.
AI is a hype machine but I’ll ride the fake wave.

Go NVIDIA. Go Jenson.

My retirement account will be nice.

👍️ 1
wii1dr wii1dr 16 hours ago
Motley Fool had a vlog yesterday warning people that NVDA will likely go down to $80 to $50 a share. I feel sorry for the people who sold early because they listened to MF. They are such a tool those Motley.
pepeoil pepeoil 16 hours ago
I got rich since you were yelling sell sell sell. Lol. Doubled my money. Bwahaaaaa. Just think if you would have invested here rather than shmp. Lol
shiloh12 shiloh12 16 hours ago
A.I. is equivalent to fire and electricty, and will probably eclipse the internet in terms of paradigm shift. A lot of people thinking this is a hype bubble deal, buy more bitcoin then. This one goes well in to 2027, wouldn't be surprised at all to see it get back to pre fwd split SP by then.
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cadillacdave cadillacdave 17 hours ago
Each month, analysts revise their predictions as the price continuously moves up.

So far this year, most analysts have been behind with their predictions. Some only making revisions after their prediction has been eclipsed.

Additonally, many lofty predictions for the year were achieved within a month or two, necessitating more revisions.

Recently, some analysts discussed that the rate of monthly increases would start to falter and we would not see 20% increases per month. Then the next month, NVDA produces a 30% return. Now, for the past month we have seen a 42% return. Those are incredible returns, as this is not a penny stock and it has consistently delivered high and steady returns for the past 18 months or more.

Like I told some of the shorts on here a few months ago, and they laughed. Each month it is higher than the prior month, delivering stellar returns.

This is going higher.
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JJ8 JJ8 17 hours ago
It could be the Market Chatter yesterday:

Market Chatter: Nvidia Set for Over 20% Weighting in SPFR ETF, Apple to Drop Significantly
15:12:50 PM ET, 06/17/2024 - MT Newswires
03:12 PM EDT, 06/17/2024 (MT Newswires) -- Nvidia's (NVDA) weighting in the index that the Technology Select Sector SPDR (XLK) exchange-traded fund follows will likely increase to around 21%, displacing Apple (AAPL) as the second top pick next to Microsoft (MSFT), CNBC reported Monday.

Apple's weighting will drop significantly to 4.5% from about 22% while Nvidia is set to rise sharply from just 6% amid Nvidia shares' outperformance this year, the report said, citing Matthew Bartolini, head of SPDR Americas Research.

The major technology ETF will be forced to acquire more than $10 billion worth of Nvidia shares while cutting back dramatically on Apple, the report said.

SPDR does not comment on specific trading strategies around rebalances, the report said.

PS: Apple share price is down today.
power11 power11 17 hours ago
power11 power11 17 hours ago
zdog zdog 17 hours ago
And to think just months ago you were screaming to short it at $380 pre split.
mtsr mtsr 18 hours ago
What set this off on a run today .
mtsr mtsr 18 hours ago
I see this stock being a play until at least 2027
JJ8 JJ8 18 hours ago
Wall Street analysts still see more gains ahead for Nvidia.

Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland set a target price of $160 on the stock, up from $145 previously, while keeping a Positive rating. He noted the target was based on a ratio of 51.5 times his forecast for Nvidia’s adjusted earnings per share for 2025.
4retire 4retire 18 hours ago
Just kidding. I knew what you meant. I’ve seen a few forecasts that go to $200/share by end of year. The only thing you apparently need to be an analyst is a platform (microphone or keyboard).
Bj106 Bj106 19 hours ago
No, he was referring to the price target over the next several months, which is why I thought it was low.
4retire 4retire 19 hours ago
Maybe he was talking about close of business today?😃
Bj106 Bj106 20 hours ago
On FOX Business channel, an analyst just predicted $139 a few minutes ago, which seems low to me.
TappyS TappyS 21 hours ago
$200/share prediction
TappyS TappyS 1 day ago
You Bet
Bj106 Bj106 1 day ago
Interesting. Thanks for the link.
TappyS TappyS 1 day ago
Rumor has it..,
Personally, I think you’re full of shit. And why do you love the word vapor so much. You sound like an idiot. Go pound sand.
🤫 1
Jetmek_03052 Jetmek_03052 2 days ago
I do apologize if this has been posted here before.

Leopold Aschenbrenner (a researcher fired from OpenAI) wrote this 165-page essay on what to expect from AI in the next decade.

A good read.
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DiscoverGold DiscoverGold 2 days ago
$NVDA No shortage of bullish flow all day
By: Cheddar Flow | June 17, 2024

• $NVDA No shortage of bullish flow all day

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TappyS TappyS 2 days ago
That’s not the only Tech (or other) ETF in this rodeo! Yee Ha!