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Vivos Inc (QB)

Vivos Inc (QB) (RDGL)

Closed June 19 4:00PM

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lovethatgreen lovethatgreen 4 hours ago
I expect phase one trial results for thyroid tumors to be a wild success. So much so that they skip phase 2

Stock will be 2 50 with a one billy MC and buy offers roll in taking it to 10 plus
Malibew66 Malibew66 6 hours ago
perspective, aka CATX is "worth" $800 million. we started the race a little late, but we are superior and our "brains" defected that company when it was IsoRay (formerly).
They formed Advanced Medical Isotope, (now) Vivos Inc. It's a marathon folks. get yer popcorn
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Tiger Money Tiger Money 6 hours ago
Or more but strong possibility
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nathanial nathanial 7 hours ago
That could be a very real possibility.
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mikepgator mikepgator 8 hours ago
Will be trading .30 by end of trading Friday
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AtlasQ AtlasQ 9 hours ago
You are talking about these people

noun: imposter
a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.

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lovethatgreen lovethatgreen 9 hours ago
Thank you
Now I don't need to respond to his post

I couldn't have said it any better

10 bucks plus

That would be a 4 billion acquisition and that's what it's worth
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WhAtEvA1 WhAtEvA1 10 hours ago
That wasn't meant as an attack as there are real good posters here who avail others of reliable information. I've always welcomed constructive exchange of ideas and information. But as of late, it just seems like the board has been infested by some weird posters (having as their sole objective) the spreading of FUD. I'm sometimes shocked at what the quest for money makes people do or say. One came on here some weeks back and fronted ashaving some special gift at communicating with the universe to affect SP? Perhaps his way of fooling people into believing him and garnering followings? Totally unbelievable! Never saw anything like that before. I'll allow "readers beware " continue to be my guiding principle on here. So, no offense at all.
Gobsmacked01 Gobsmacked01 11 hours ago
Lol, i'm not sure yer message was directed to me. IMHO, of course, means i am only expressing an opinion.

Now that i gotta return two beer cans for each share i buy, i'm starting to look hard at ma yard n i'mma consider a 'metal run' mebbe, just to buy more shares... that make me a guru? I'm not some kinda animal from Australia's outback if that's the way i came across to you.

Lol, i am no guru, and i don't recommend anybody take my investment comments as advice... few of you could drink that many beers

-Go $RDGL$
Jrossco Jrossco 12 hours ago
Great day today!!!
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WhAtEvA1 WhAtEvA1 12 hours ago
Well, it is your OPINION and you're entitled to one. The facts will speak for itself when it must. You have no ability to see the future or where the SP would be at 6 months from now considering the milestones ahead post IDE approval. You're no guru so don't front as one.
CatfishHunter CatfishHunter 12 hours ago
And who wouldn’t want to easily double their money, or better? In 18-20 months when Vivos gets market approval, this will be at $3-$5+. Another year and they get broad market approval for 18 cancers, $10+. Anyone buying under $2 and holding through clinicals and market approval (high chance of approval given success on pets already) is making a great investment imo.
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Gobsmacked01 Gobsmacked01 13 hours ago
IKR? Just thought i'd throw that out there for thinkers to digest during the trading break tomorrow.

Anyone curious as to whether or not the tech works/is effective? Check out Isopet! Safely used on mammals as small as cats (with their 'everything happens fast' metabolism), small dogs, and mammals as large as horses. Tumors destroyed were ranging in size from small to big enuff for a horse!

-go $RDGL$
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Tiger Money Tiger Money 13 hours ago
You do know they have technology to eliminate cancer that sits in a tumor, right? You may want to research how big the cancer market is (unfortunately as I wish cancer never existed). Your market cap estimate looks a little low….
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konshe konshe 13 hours ago
too late
Jimmlu59 Jimmlu59 13 hours ago
By Christmas? lol
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Gobsmacked01 Gobsmacked01 13 hours ago
The thing is, a $500 milly MC by Christmas will seem pretty reasonable once/if human trials are approved.

That would be around $1 pps.
That would be a 5X gain from .20 pps.
That would be a 3X+ gain from .30 pps.

IMHO, folks who think RDGL following the FDA's path for approval that has the highest percentage approval will rightfully be the most richly rewarded buying under .30 pps.... cuz those buying around .50 pps in the coming weeks/months will only be doubling their money in the short term.

-Go $RDGL$
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Bigfootbud Bigfootbud 13 hours ago
$0.2159 NICE CLOSE!!! :) ♥️
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AtlasQ AtlasQ 13 hours ago
AL93b AL93b 13 hours ago
I knew that would trigger some people.... LOL!
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mikepgator mikepgator 14 hours ago
Nice trading here
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Tiger Money Tiger Money 14 hours ago
They do already and don’t everyone massacre me, but this could be the one of handful of times in market history in which a reverse split would be a great call. But they won’t need to
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wrinklesobw wrinklesobw 14 hours ago
Next they will say there’s no way to maintain $4 a share with 400 million OS.
Lol, there’s plenty of companies out there that are doing it right now.

I know you, me and many others could care less about up listing right now.

It will happen soon enough probably within the year especially if they can maintain $4 dollars a share.
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WALLnut WALLnut 14 hours ago
They have most of these criterias already met. Break and hold $4 for a period of time.....
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AtlasQ AtlasQ 14 hours ago
To uplift from the Over-the-Counter (OTC) market to the Nasdaq Stock Market, a company must meet several minimum requirements, which generally include:

1. **Stockholders’ Equity**:
- **Nasdaq Capital Market**: At least $5 million.
- **Nasdaq Global Market**: At least $15 million.
- **Nasdaq Global Select Market**: At least $30 million.

2. **Market Value**:
- **Publicly Held Shares**: At least 1 million shares publicly held.
- **Market Value of Publicly Held Shares**: At least $15 million for the Capital Market, $8 million for the Global Market, and $110 million for the Global Select Market.
- **Market Value of Listed Securities**: Varies based on the market tier, often starting at around $50 million.

3. **Share Price**:
- **Minimum Bid Price**: At least $4 per share.

4. **Corporate Governance**:
- Compliance with Nasdaq's corporate governance standards, including having a majority of independent directors, an audit committee, and a code of conduct.

5. **Financial Criteria**:
- Depending on the market tier, financial criteria can include earnings, cash flow, or revenue thresholds. For example:
- **Capital Market**: Net income from continuing operations of at least $750,000 in the latest fiscal year or in two of the last three fiscal years.
- **Global Market**: Pre-tax earnings of at least $11 million in the latest three fiscal years, with at least $2.2 million in each of the two most recent years and positive amounts in all three years.

6. **Liquidity and Operating History**:
- Typically, companies must have at least 300 round lot shareholders and a minimum operating history of one year.

7. **Other Criteria**:
- Companies must be current in their SEC filings and have a minimum of three market makers.

These requirements ensure that companies listed on Nasdaq have sufficient financial strength, market interest, and governance structures to justify the move from the OTC market.
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mikepgator mikepgator 14 hours ago
Breaking .21
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WALLnut WALLnut 14 hours ago
Here's another poster using r s swear words. One more time and you're getting a bar of soap to chew on.
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splintered sunlight splintered sunlight 14 hours ago
You raised some excellent points and lot of flippers and day traders have a core position that they trade around, so they cash in when the stock eventually does what people think it will and pad their profits on the way up.
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wrinklesobw wrinklesobw 14 hours ago
If you know the steps then why keep bringing it up.

Everyone wants to up-list and it will happen just not anytime soon.

Because right now full approval and expanding isopet seems to be the companies main priority and where most their budget is planned to go towards. They don’t have the funds to spend elsewhere at moment

Tiger Money Tiger Money 15 hours ago
I know the stips and I do think it is easier than you may think if you have the right advisors/brokers/dealers. But things have to line up nicely for it to happen quickly. I agree, it isn’t priority now, but it should be after submit and accept
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AL93b AL93b 15 hours ago
Agree with you lbhenry, not a near-term priority.

Getting onto Nasdaq requires ability to maintain a set of minimum financial thresholds including share price (I think $1) and shareholder equity ($5M). Share price minimum may require reverse split and attaining SE minimum (currently $1.3M) will require combination of profitability and raising funds through issuance of equity.
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wrinklesobw wrinklesobw 15 hours ago
It’s very possible, there’s still 2hrs before market closes until Thursday.

Very good possibility of a few more huge buys coming in before close.
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konshe konshe 15 hours ago
Let's close on 0.21 or higher.
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wrinklesobw wrinklesobw 15 hours ago
They will be doing all that, and then some.

They only have a handful of full time employees.

Right now they’re focused on submitting the ide and more than likely planning their next steps and what’s priority.

Once ide is submitted and approved the human trials will be ran by the Mayo Clinic, so the doctor can concentrate on other important things
wrinklesobw wrinklesobw 15 hours ago
It’s not that simple, they need to maintain I believe a minimum of $3 dollars a share for 3 months straight or possibly longer then there’s a few other requirements that they have to meet as well.

It’ll be a minimum of 6 months or so if we are lucky, it’s possible it could happen sooner which is possible.

I’m pretty sure it’s on the docs list of things to accomplish within the next 12 months.

But definitely not happening anytime soon
splintered sunlight splintered sunlight 15 hours ago
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Tiger Money Tiger Money 15 hours ago
Should be, common sense to monetize their technology
WALLnut WALLnut 15 hours ago
Its in thier agenda.

Tiger Money Tiger Money 15 hours ago
Why? I’m sure Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley would be happy to help them…..
wrinklesobw wrinklesobw 15 hours ago
That won’t happen maybe by the time they get full FDA approval
🤣 1
konshe konshe 15 hours ago
Smells Submission on Thursday or Friday!!!!!!!!!!?
den4 den4 15 hours ago
End of year bro.. Phase II we go to Nasdaq imo
👍️ 2
lovethatgreen lovethatgreen 15 hours ago
They will find a way to buy no worries there

Volkswagen is an otc stock
👍️ 1 🤣 1
Tiger Money Tiger Money 15 hours ago
Why? Don’t you want real institutional investors that are buy and hold? Those are the investors the docs should want not otc clownage
Roofus Roofus 15 hours ago
Yep, they know what’s coming.
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Ibhenry Ibhenry 15 hours ago
Nasdaq can wait. Not a priority imo
👍️ 1
den4 den4 15 hours ago
$100.000 SLAP… RESPECT !!
👍️ 4 🔥 4
Tiger Money Tiger Money 15 hours ago
They need to uplist to the Nasdaq post submission and acceptance
den4 den4 15 hours ago
👍️ 3 🚀 3
Tiger Money Tiger Money 15 hours ago
Yes, real investors will be buying this line it is going out of style….
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