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Mr Cooper Group Inc

Mr Cooper Group Inc (COOP)

Closed June 19 4:00PM
After Hours: 6:58PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
81.73 Day's Range 82.88
48.015 52 Week Range 85.17
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 30,980,488
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Mr Cooper Group Inc

Mr. Cooper Group Inc is a home loan servicer. The company focuses on delivering a variety of servicing and lending products. It has two operating segments namely Servicing, and Originations. The company derives the maximum revenue from the Originations segment. The Originations segment originates re... Mr. Cooper Group Inc is a home loan servicer. The company focuses on delivering a variety of servicing and lending products. It has two operating segments namely Servicing, and Originations. The company derives the maximum revenue from the Originations segment. The Originations segment originates residential mortgage loans through a direct-to-consumer channel, which provides refinance options for existing customers, and through a correspondent channel, which purchases or originates loans from mortgage bankers and brokers. It also provides technology and data-enhanced solutions to home-buyers, home sellers, real estate agents and mortgage companies. Show more

Finance Services
Savings Instn,fed Chartered
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Mr Cooper Group Inc is listed in the Finance Services sector of the NASDAQ with ticker COOP. The last closing price for Mr Cooper was $82.70. Over the last year, Mr Cooper shares have traded in a share price range of $ 48.015 to $ 85.17.

Mr Cooper currently has 64,602,234 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Mr Cooper is $5.29 billion. Mr Cooper has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 10.57.

COOP Latest News

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COOP Discussion

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Ray_137 Ray_137 3 hours ago
Unless sure it is XXXX = ????
Ray_137 Ray_137 3 hours ago
Unless sure it is XXXX = ????
JusticeWillWin JusticeWillWin 4 hours ago
>80k BUY at the close, someone wanted these shares IMO...
👍️ 1
lodas lodas 5 hours ago
PickStocks....... every lawyer that drafts financial documents between buyer and seller would NEVER LEAVE AMBIGUITY of a transaction that could later be contested in court.... all the documents since the POR amended 7, GSA, and the chapter 11 closing unambiguously state that JPM paid 1.89 billion dollars for the banking assets of WAMU and WMBFSB... If, JPM was to pay more it would so be stipulated at some future date...The documents says "paid" past tense....these guys "game " every official filing to fit their agenda that money is coming to them....yet, for all these years that I read posts, not one of them will present documents that substantiate their expectations, except put those on "ignore", as if that will be justification for their lack of reading the official documents...some even laugh at the official documents...... go figure..... Lodas
PickStocks PickStocks 7 hours ago
Yep…1.89 and with the GSA JPM received 600+ million which brings the initial payment 1.29……then they found 30 billion and another 11 billion and blew the 11 billion on a bad investment….
👍️ 1
garyhalvo garyhalvo 9 hours ago
JD wants this to close and he knows that it will be really soon. He said that he would stay at JPM for 5 more years and then he comes out saying that he wants out sooner than later, why? Well, he knows and he is going to take his 14M escrow shares with him.
xoom xoom 10 hours ago
If you look back at 2008, some folks didn’t even know what they were seizing. So some stuff was taken and given to JPM at book-value but, with just an ‘initial payment of 1.89 B.
Even a third grader knows that if there is an initial payment, there needs to be a final payment as well to close the deal. Now consider the charter , the IP and all the intricacies involved and that JPM wanted the whole enchilada but messed up with the specifics and the implementation, probably for no fault of theirs.
Can this be unscrambled after this long ? That would be a tough ask. The easier way to have closure ? Get it lock stock and barrel and finish the deal.
That actually would satisfy all parties. Now we know Bop feels the hedge funds may not like the leverage they could gain with the 1T or so MBS assets. Lehman and F&F too are waiting for something big. Is that a big ‘federation’ ? Likely. Do I or most legacy for that matter, after a 15 year , blind hold, care what shares they get ? More than likely not as long as it’s a good deal.
Just some thoughts as we wait.
👍️ 1
Nightdaytrader Nightdaytrader 10 hours ago
I say it is wmih but not sure..
Ray_137 Ray_137 11 hours ago
XXXX = ????
PickStocks PickStocks 12 hours ago
Ask him if he signed an NDA and if he is part of the inner circle…
👍️ 1
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 12 hours ago
COOP will most likely wait till Libors 2.5% comes in before they do anything with shares to avoid a hit on SP.
Nightdaytrader Nightdaytrader 12 hours ago
Xoom, I agree with you. It doesn't matter to me. My post was simply stating that I'm not sure who XXXX really is. Maybe everybody else is but I doubt it.

xoom xoom 12 hours ago
ND9, all of us are just plain tired of all this. Does it really matter if they give us JPM shares or newly reincarnated WMI shares or Apple shares or Google shares or Tesla shares ?
I really don’t care as long it is some valid shares that can be sold asap to be invested in instruments we truly like
Ray_137 Ray_137 13 hours ago
No one answers my simple one word question!
👍️ 2
Oberthal Oberthal 13 hours ago
Really don't understand why all this hoopla and what reason for it. What are they trying to gain? A statute of limitation they have to wait for? Anyway, we will see, soon.....
Nightdaytrader Nightdaytrader 13 hours ago
Xoom, you said if one has been following this saga for 15 years, it's a given who XXXX is. I have been following for 15 years and to be honest, with all the different opinions and theories on this message board, I'm not sure who XXXX is.... I personally think it's WMIH. From other posts, I think some on this message board believe it's JPMC.

So it doesn't seem as clear cut as you imply. Plus, most people who post about XXXX don't ever say who XXXX is... I don't think most know.. I don't believe it's because 20 people on this message board are "insiders" and afraid to go to jail.

👍️ 1
xoom xoom 13 hours ago
Bban, are you talking about Ihub jail ? ( aka banned from posting on Ihub)
BBANBOB BBANBOB 14 hours ago


"""Nobody wants AZ to go to jail."""
xoom xoom 14 hours ago
Picky, you cannot walk into a Ferrari showroom and tell them you just need the tires and the steering wheel.
XXXX is a given for anybody who has been following this saga for the past 15 years.
Nobody wants AZ to go to jail.
But, if you Picky, walk into a Ferrari showroom and tell them you just need the tires and the steering wheel and insist, they might call security and put you in jail.
PickStocks PickStocks 14 hours ago
Sorry…great point
Oberthal Oberthal 14 hours ago
We know but this is the first time O have seen in writing that there is a parent. That was my point.
Oberthal Oberthal 15 hours ago
Isn’t this was AZ always said and many did not believe it?
BBANBOB BBANBOB 15 hours ago


AND IN TRUSTTTTTTTTTTTT you can't just disclose to anyone what the value of a trust is nor what it's assets are, that is 100% PRIVILEGED information
👍️ 1
PickStocks PickStocks 16 hours ago
Here is part of your questioned answered:

Mr. Cooper Group Inc. (formerly Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.) is owned by WMIH Corp., which is the ultimate parent company. WMIH Corp. acquired Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. in 2018 and subsequently changed its name to Mr. Cooper Group Inc. now the direct parent of Mr Cooper is……
👍️ 2
Large Green Large Green 16 hours ago


Restricted Subsidiaries PLUS Footnote 39 ALSO PROVES KOSTUROS IS A DST TRUSTEE

The Following Proves Legally Hidden Monies/Assets- BK Closure 12/21/2019 Then Cases Terminated 1/23/2020 As One Bucket of Potential Returns

1) I see distributions from (DSTs) Delaware Statutory Trusts where Kosturos is the God-like Trustee (see below) routed through DTC/Clearstream then to your Broker as one of the buckets

As set forth in the Confirmation Order, the members of the Trust Advisory Board hereby designate William C. Kosturos in connection with the applicable provisions of the Delaware Statutory Trust Act, 12 Del. C. § 3801 et seq.

Notice the highlighted pieces below in the confidential filing

Form of Solvency Certificate
Reference is made to Credit Agreement, dated as of [•] (the “Credit Agreement”), among [•] (the “Borrower”), the lending institutions from time to time parties thereto (the “Lenders”), and [•], as Administrative Agent.

Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Credit Agreement. This certificate is furnished pursuant to Section [•] of the Credit Agreement.

Solely in my capacity as a financial executive officer of WMIH and not individually (and without personal liability), I hereby certify, that as of the date hereof, after giving effect to the consummation of the transactions in connection with the Bridge Facility:

1. The sum of the liabilities (including contingent liabilities) of WMIH and its restricted subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis, does not exceed the present fair saleable value of the present assets of WMIH and its restricted subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis.

2. The fair value of the property of WMIH and its restricted subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis, is greater than the total amount of liabilities (including contingent liabilities) of WMIH and its restricted subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis.

3. The capital of WMIH and its restricted subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis, is not unreasonably small in relation to their business as contemplated on the date hereof.

4. WMIH and its restricted subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis, have not incurred and do not intend to incur, or believe that they will incur, debts including current obligations beyond their ability to pay such debts as they become due (whether at maturity or otherwise).

For purposes of this Certificate, the amount of any contingent liability has been computed as the amount that, in light of all of the facts and circumstances existing as of the date hereof, represents the amount that would reasonably be expected to become an actual or matured liability.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have executed this Certificate as of the date first written above.

***The Infamous Footnote Number 39***

In light of Footnote 39:

Court Appointed Examiner

Footnote 39

Equity undertook a preliminary solvency analysis based on the limited information made available by the Debtors. Equity noted that a final analysis of solvency would require a detailed review of WMB?s loan portfolio, which is not available to Equity and was also not reviewed by the Debtors. The Examiner in this Report has an analysis of solvency, but he also did not conduct a review of the loan portfolio."


👍️ 4
boarddork boarddork 16 hours ago
and they are hiding.... both of Mr.Cooper Group Inc's 'Direc't & 'Ultimate Parent' Corporations are currently "NON-PUBLIC" information.....

"Direct Parent Exception Reported" otherwise known here as 'xxxx'
"Ultimate Parent Exception Reported" otherwise known here as 'XXXX'
👍️ 5
goodietime goodietime 17 hours ago
Don't you wonder where the Holding Company is hiding?
👍️ 1
raggi65 raggi65 17 hours ago
Sure, Jamie would have every reason to be proud of his court reporters, but then again, their weekly reports may well have led to his failing health🤷‍♂
newflow newflow 17 hours ago,Title%2011%20or%20similar%20action.
Type G reorganization
serafino1 serafino1 17 hours ago
Today I did well to log on and read,
THANK YOU TO THE LABORIOUS, who stubbornly continue to dig up the various sources, you certainly do it for you, but at the same time you make us EX-escrow holders participate, this is truly respectful of us who unfortunately don't have much time.
Yes Yes interesting news today.
Our sincere greetings to you tireless people.
XXXX in the stead of serafino1
👍️ 2
mwd44 mwd44 18 hours ago
I think you have it wrong. JPMC made a "payment" of 1.88 billion dollars. That doesn't mean they paid 1.88 billion for the bank. It only mean they made a payment. The controlling document concerning the cost of WMB is the Purchase and Assumption Agreement. The PAA states that JPMC must pay BooK Value for WMB's assets. Jamie Dimon said he found $30B in the rubble of WMB. Just by his words own words, that puts WMBs price tag at $30B. As you always say "ReadTthe Documents." Your words! Not Mine!
👍️ 5
newflow newflow 19 hours ago
I agree LG. They could have shut it down and ran as far away as possible if there is no meat. At minimum, Mr.Nelson wanted control of DST by EC. Which they got in Jan 2020, admins were appointed who knew where the bones were buried very well and transferred authority and all conditions thru restated and amended liquidating trust agreement and which was a secret document. BOOKS AND RECORDS were started to open since JAN 2020. And reorganization type "G" might happen IMO.
👍️ 2
JusticeWillWin JusticeWillWin 20 hours ago
Daily Chart=====>COOP $100 soon?

(click chart to zoom in)
xoom xoom 22 hours ago
Uncle Sodas, JPM will be proud of you.
👍️ 3
stoxjock stoxjock 23 hours ago
Could you define "longer"? What time frame would you consider would be "much longer"? TIA & GLTU...
Bizreader Bizreader 1 day ago
LMAO... How embarrassing
👍️ 2
Bizreader Bizreader 1 day ago
Who you
Bizreader Bizreader 1 day ago
Noice... And some of the younger people say.
dragoon76 dragoon76 1 day ago
Hopefully not WW3....
Boris the Spider Boris the Spider 1 day ago
This will all happen in phases.
COOP may happen even before LIBOR. Once that settles the waterfall will be like Niagara Falls. Bank payment, assets, etc. Avalanche of money.
I doubt we will be waiting much longer IMO.
👍️ 4
Nightdaytrader Nightdaytrader 1 day ago
............. and then Karma struck, and Jamie had throat cancer. Hopefully, he learned his lesson...
👍️ 2
Royal Dude Royal Dude 1 day ago
Remember this, they have a head start with the FDIC. May we have a good July 4th this time.

"Key transaction elements following the FDIC’s competitive bidding process include:
Acquisition of the substantial majority of First Republic Bank’s assets, including approximately $173 billion of loans and approximately $30 billion of securities
Assumption of approximately $92 billion of deposits, including $30 billion of large bank deposits, which will be repaid post-close or eliminated in consolidation
FDIC will provide loss share agreements covering acquired single-family residential mortgage loans and commercial loans, as well as $50 billion of five-year, fixed-rate term financing
JPMorgan Chase is not assuming First Republic’s corporate debt or preferred stock
First Republic branches will open on Monday, May 1, as normal, and clients will continue to receive uninterrupted service, including digital and mobile banking capabilities.
👍️ 1
LexTrader LexTrader 1 day ago
Another red herring🥱
Large Green Large Green 1 day ago
I thought based on what may be happening Oct is the latest but something in my view could happen any day. This has to be ripe for moving forward.
👍️ 2
Large Green Large Green 1 day ago
Yes, I understand. This is why this is even better with the information you found. I find the update on June 01, 2024, extremely encouraging. There is no reason to even mess with this if nothing asset/money-wise is not in the picture.
👍️ 3
newflow newflow 1 day ago
LG, its not WMI Liquidating Trust being active, it is domain is active and which will expire in October 2024 if they don't go for extension.
👍️ 1
Large Green Large Green 1 day ago
Basically with the infor Newflow found on the trust update, Libor settlement review date mid-Oct, it appears most everything is coming to a head before the 11/5 election. No way to prove as we are only confirmed by time passing and filings so nothing except dot-connecting on actions that have happened and/or make sense.

👍️ 2
ron_66271 ron_66271 1 day ago
4) ? Please Tell Us More.

I’m not saying that you are wrong, please just justify the dates.

👍️ 1
Large Green Large Green 1 day ago
You are exactly correct. Actions can be very telling. Look at how the facts line up.

1) JPM internal merger

2) Libor winding down by late October

3) Newflow found trust expires mid-Oct plus then just updated June 01, 2024...HmmmmmHmmmmHmmmm

4) Looks like to me JPM must pay and settle up about 60 to 90 days ahead of Oct 13, 2024 which would be around July 13 to Aug 13, 2024

👍️ 1
xoom xoom 1 day ago
None of the resident naysayers are touching that JPM internal merger news with a 10 foot pole. That may be a clue
👍️ 3