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NioCorp Developments Ltd

NioCorp Developments Ltd (NB)

Closed June 19 4:00PM
After Hours: 5:21PM

Professional-Grade Tools, for Individual Investors.

Key stats and details

Current Price
1.89 Day's Range 2.00
1.89 52 Week Range 5.40
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 164,444
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About NioCorp Developments Ltd

NioCorp Developments Ltd is an exploration-stage company, which is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits. It primarily explores niobium, scandium, and titanium products. The firm operates through a segment consisting of exploration and development of mineral deposits in Nort... NioCorp Developments Ltd is an exploration-stage company, which is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits. It primarily explores niobium, scandium, and titanium products. The firm operates through a segment consisting of exploration and development of mineral deposits in North America, specifically, the Elk Creek property located in Southeastern Nebraska. The company generally holds an interest in a mineral exploration property located in the region of Canada. Show more

Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels
Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels
Centennial, Colorado, USA
NioCorp Developments Ltd is listed in the Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels sector of the NASDAQ with ticker NB. The last closing price for NioCorp Developments was $1.95. Over the last year, NioCorp Developments shares have traded in a share price range of $ 1.89 to $ 5.40.

NioCorp Developments currently has 34,915,511 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of NioCorp Developments is $67.04 million. NioCorp Developments has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.67.

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NB Discussion

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Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 1 hour ago
I had no idea that many state residents were invested in Niocorp.
Antwerpen Antwerpen 3 hours ago
Does this mean we get another 93m share dilution?
th6565 th6565 4 hours ago
A late comer like myself never developed emotional attachments on NB, still willing to bet the future of NB. Hoping ExIm loan would be approved well before warrants expirations.

Still courageous enough bottom fishing some warrants shares today, 700 at $0.29.
PutzMueler PutzMueler 5 hours ago
Then why is our share price creating new lows in after market trading?

Is the Market Naive, or just you?


Creating new 52 week lows, is not bullish.
A friend asked me to tell you that.
And by the looks of it TH put us here. hahaha
But good job TH, thanks for you're efforts, in supporting NioCorp's share price.
👍️ 2 💯 1
AlwaysOptimistic AlwaysOptimistic 5 hours ago
Good choice. The warrants are a hedge against delays giving you almost 4 years to exercise. I still think they will get financing though disappointed we have yet another delay but if EXIM requires addtl drilling, as investors we have no say in the matter. Hopefully, this is the final hurdle and EXIM signs a contract after results are in.
💩 1 🥴 1
PutzMueler PutzMueler 5 hours ago
Famous Quote . . . . .

"We know what we have"

A goal post moving CEO,
who has 5 jobs.

And a Gem of a Gem of a Gem. Oh, did I mention we have a Gem?
But It's continuously changing it's clothing, behind the bush.

Stay Tuned.
Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 6 hours ago
It’s Very painful to watch! …!

Never would have thought it would be possible to CRASH-OUT !
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 7 hours ago
What happened to Walnut? He’s been pretty quiet lately. I hope he’s in good health and spirits.
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 7 hours ago
Mark Smith is responsible for this merger failure. Plain, simple, fact! He’s made fools of both Governor Pillen and the previous Governor Ricketts (now senator). The many local and state legislators that have been involved and supported this project look like fools. Constituent investors are in the red and they’re seeing red. GO BIG RED!!!!
th6565 th6565 7 hours ago
At this moment I am completely out of NB. But I am going to hold onto NIOBW warrants. Win or lose all on me.
LCP77 LCP77 8 hours ago
The GXII crew converting ECRC shares into NB shares to get their money out.
The debt they may default on in ten days or so.
How to renegotiate the debt terms? Bid bashing into oblivion?
The huge dilution already suffered is nothing compared to what is on deck. Dreamers are fucked. Period.
LCP77 LCP77 9 hours ago
That would assume that you had something economic to sell. Which at this point is seriously in question. The fake input values are coming home to roost. Matheson jerk theory scam.
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 9 hours ago
Are you living in Thailand? You seem to be a week behind on all news. You still have a better track record than management .They are 5 years behind.
👍️ 1 💯 1
DakotaBoy DakotaBoy 9 hours ago
Buy us out stop the bleeding this is ridiculous…
👍️ 2 ♥️ 1
DakotaBoy DakotaBoy 9 hours ago
Buy us out stop the bleeding this is ridiculous…
Jessop Jessop 9 hours ago
Hope doesn't pay the bills. The trash talk speaks to the lost trust this management has earned.
Jessop Jessop 9 hours ago
Still a fan of Niocorp?
LCP77 LCP77 10 hours ago
Some memorable quotes from Walnuts:
“We have an institutional investor!” When the first Lind bid bashing deal was done.

“Mark cashing his loan is understandable since financing was available” Which was just his getting his skin out and by using just another bid basher.

“Your timing is perfect” To TH6566 at NB 5 bucks. Elder abuse.

“Stay tuned” Make me laugh.
Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 10 hours ago
What the HEll !!! :

NioCorp Developments Files $200 Million Mixed Shelf

05:17 PM EDT, 06/13/2024 (MT Newswires) -- NioCorp Developments (NB) filed a shelf registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday covering the potential sale of up to $200 million of its common shares, common share purchase warrants and units from time to time in one or more offerings.

The company expects to use the net proceeds from any sale of the securities for working capital and general corporate purposes, according to a regulatory filing.

Price: 2.1400, Change: -0.02, Percent Change: -0.93
LCP77 LCP77 10 hours ago
What is also disturbing is MS used toxic debt to get $4mm plus plus of his skin out of the game and also used toxic debt to give himself and his Molycorp crew raises on already obscene salaries plus giant bonuses. Converting shareholders and bidders money into their money at an accelerated clip. End times.
👍️ 1 💯 1
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 10 hours ago
It’s very disturbing that Mark pushed for this merger and the result has been the evaporation of hundreds of millions in market cap. What’s even more disturbing is that two of the GXII executives now control around 20% of the company. Roughly 4 times the amount of shares as Mark Smith. Why was this allowed when GXII brought nothing to Niocorp shareholders?!?!?
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 10 hours ago
I have done that all by myself in other stocks over the years. It is just the daily misery of watching the stock do a death march. It is almost a relief when you sell and try not to look back. There will always be other fish in the sea.
👍️ 1
Big-Picture Big-Picture 10 hours ago
Only 10 more days of this amount of share price drop and we will finally be down to $1.00 and delisted from the Nas. We are already off the TSX. Let's see where else can we trade? Over a game of MONOPOLY? Does it really matter anymore?
😰 1 🤒 1
LCP77 LCP77 10 hours ago
That’s the problem. Inspite of how bad things look now and how likely they are to get worse a long who sells the dream now would shoot themselves if the miracle comes in. So who’s selling?
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 12 hours ago
The last time they had a formal visit with shareholders in Nebraska was when they had several town halls November 2022 along with Dean Kehler to swing the vote for the GXII merger. Seeing how horrible that went and the hundreds of millions in market cap lost since then, I wouldn’t expect a visit from them anytime soon.
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 13 hours ago
Mr. Hole, I have seen stocks that have followed this pattern and it is not pretty. At this point it is too late to sell because they can still pull a rabbit out of the hat. If it does split again, I would guess management will have to sneak into Nebraska after dark and be back in Colorado by daybreak. The annual dinner might turn into a brawl if they show up again. I know one Nebraskan that is fed up with these guys.
monocle monocle 16 hours ago
Nice! Way off topic but I saw them live back in the day and they killed it.🤘

wagner wagner 16 hours ago
Y e s
👍️ 1 🤘 1
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 16 hours ago
This is one thing that gives me the jitters. You know what keeps the share price high enough if dips too low for too long for listing? ....another reverse split.... if my original 150k shares turns into 1.5k shares while being diluted to oblivion in the process I'm gonna be sick. But its my own fault. Took a risk and ended up biffing it hard so far. What's new?

We need a big blob of good news and money soon.
monocle monocle 16 hours ago
lol are you referencing the Beastie Boys??

ALDRADJKD123 ALDRADJKD123 16 hours ago
Let’s recap Nioturd…..

There is so much fictitious clamoring about the D.O.D. ,D.O.E. , EXMI Commitment to Nioturd and my personal favorite Warren Buffet yet absolutely nothing, notta, zero, zilch can be found indicating any of the 4 are involved with or made any commitment to Nioturd. Imagine that.


Closing PPS right prior to the 10 for 1 split……….82 cents
10 for 1 split brings PPS to $8.20

Investors lost 90% of their shares during 10 for 1 split.

Nioturd currently at $1.89 for a pre split PPS of 18.9 cents OUCH

Not only did investors lose 90% of their shares because of the 10 for 1 split, the PPS is now lower than what it was before the r/s.

It appears that management screwed over retail investors and killed the value as others made out massively.
Demolition Man Demolition Man 16 hours ago
FYI, we are trading at .18 fucking cents a share....Unfucking Believable. Question, why doesn't Bitch Smith and Joke sims visit the Elk Creek mine site or even Nebraska that often??? Anyone have an idea why these cowards do not visit the site that pays them millions of dollars in salary working part time??
👍️ 2 💯 3
ALDRADJKD123 ALDRADJKD123 17 hours ago
Maybe it’s because Nioturd is overly manipulated…🤔

Any proof yet today?
wagner wagner 17 hours ago
40 Mio shares
40k are traded


Sleeping until Brooklyn.....
PutzMueler PutzMueler 17 hours ago
$1.00 is the mark. not 2

If a company can't maintain the minimum requirements to remain listed, Nasdaq will delist it. Failure of a company to meet a minimum closing bid price of at least $1 for 30 consecutive trading days can trigger delisting. When this happens Nasdaq issues a deficiency notice to the company.
jack the bear jack the bear 17 hours ago
so how long do we have to stay at 1.95 before we are delisted in the Nasdaq????
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 18 hours ago
Initial investors who have stood in support of management for a decade have been betrayed. I really f*cked up by not bailing when they announced the SPAC. I really thought Mark was a great businessman and would have ensured that there were some protections in place for investors in the deal. The deal should have never happened if a benchmark amount of capital weren’t raised from the deal.

Reality is tough sometimes. Mark and his mismanagement team have spent a decade of investor’s time and money to pay for their bloated salaries and ridiculous bonuses that sure as hell are not commensurate with their performance! They have created two feasibility studies and we are now finding out that neither of them are bankable feasibility studies. They have a lot of work to do before they gain my trust back.

“The way I got treated, I hope that they don’t treat the community that way,” Beverly Beethe - Landowner whom Niocorp purchased land from
👍️ 1
PutzMueler PutzMueler 19 hours ago
New 52 week low speaks for him. eom

Although he should not be here speaking at all really.

But he continues to be relevant.
🤡 1
stark12 stark12 19 hours ago
Weak. Did you read through the analysis or just filter through biased eyes? Are you open to the possibility that the next FS numbers might even be better, including CAPEX? Other than name calling this analysis utter garbage, can you offer substantive criticism or is trash talk all you got?
👍️ 4
PutzMueler PutzMueler 19 hours ago
Another 52 week low. Thanks Mark

You because of your incompetence and your GXII clowns, because they saw you coming, a mile away.

And here we all are happily waiting another six fucking months.

Because nobody wants to hold you accountable Year after year after year after year after year,
Even though you’re the biggest clown shoe I’ve ever been invested in.

Peter Dickie should have stayed in charge and you should be the corporate lawyer, Writing page after page after page of nonsense for our homepage.

We are so lucky you showed up when you did Mark.
It couldn't have been better, unless you showed up 10 years later.
(Gag me with a spoon)
LCP77 LCP77 20 hours ago
How about using 2022 FS numbers that used 2019 cap ex numbers and then knocking about 10% off that based on a low level scoping study for starters? They even admit the water issues are unsorted and fs level information is needed to make a decision. It’s utter garbage.
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 21 hours ago
It would appear the first wave of retail has been thrown to the wolves.Niocorp had indicated a long time ago that a r/s was not in the cards and yet they had to do one to get uplisted. It was a huge backfire that has wiped out the big dreams of investors that went thru the risks since 2009.The only ones that have remained intact is management because they have a nice salary and get to be handed option packages fitting the new narrative. Most retail do not have the money to keep buying at these levels because they are tapped out. This is just the reality of the situation. Niocorp failed to deliver for their shareholders after making statements that have been proven false. I am sure they did not want this to happen but business is business.

1)imminent- huge mistake

2)no r/s - wrong

3)no government help- wrong again

4)got into bed with jackals with the help of their east coast connections- right on this one and were taken to the woodshed. Mind boggling how dumb this move was. A ten year old could see this was going to be a disaster.

5)missed timelines- It seems everything they have stated has been wrong regarding when to see news.

Sitting at the bar in NYC with Mark and Peter summer 2014 and thinking what a special stock this is going to become. Could not have met two nicer guys to talk with for 2 hours. Ten years later it has turned into a bad dream.
🎯 1 👍️ 3 💯 1
monocle monocle 23 hours ago
I think last week's new shelf offering indicates they don't have the 1.4 on hand. Curious to see how it will be used.

And yeah the equity conditions clause seems like either a deliberate head fake or a gross miscalculation. Remember that odd price spike right before this was announced? It was at $3.11 (down from $3.62 a couple days before) at the time. The market clearly hasn't been impressed since...I don't think anything can get this up over 70% with volume by next week.

The only thing that could conceivably forgive their inability to raise money while progress grinds to a halt is if they feel like the engineer multiplier program is a slam dunk. I wonder if they have another option at this point? Equity raises down here? $10 million private placement would mean 10 million shares dilution with warrants included. That's 100 million pre split. I think there were 160 million shares when I bought in.
👍️ 1 🤒 1
stark12 stark12 1 day ago
What parts of their analysis are you disputing?
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 1 day ago
They paid it last time, they will again I would think. They aren't saying where it's coming from tho lol.

Why did they ever think they would ever meet the equity conditions in the 1st place is the white hot burning question.
LCP77 LCP77 1 day ago
To the faithful. Why are you so blind to facts? Just follow Walter into the abyss? For the stroke of his ego.
LCP77 LCP77 1 day ago
It is full of fluff remessaging to a hired and paid for IR firm. Independant my ass. Just a bit less shameless than most. And yes. 4 trade days to drive volume at above $3.30 or they owe $1.4 mill. Borrow $8mm and get $6.95mm and give up 600k+ “cheap” warrants and pay them back with the money they borrowed at usurous rates is beyond crazy train bad. Did it once. Will they do it again or default on their debt?
😰 1 🫠 1
monocle monocle 1 day ago
I remember that thanks for posting. It would be interesting to read the exchanges between Edison and Niocorp.

In January they assumed a large equity financing all at once. Now it's a small tranche soon and the rest later. Is that change based on a conversation the two had?

As I posted earlier this report doesn't mention the engineer multiplier program possibility. If that negates equity financing at this level then that would be huge.

1.4 million due in 2 weeks. Where's it going to come from?
👍️ 1
stark12 stark12 2 days ago
Yes. Sagittarius posted it and I stickied his post.
stark12 stark12 2 days ago
I too questioned that. Perhaps Jim can answer?