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Fannie Mae (QB)

Fannie Mae (QB) (FNMA)

Closed June 19 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
1.25 Day's Range 1.40
0.415 52 Week Range 2.00
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 9,376,141
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Fannie Mae (QB)

Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise that was chartered by Congress in 1938 to support liquidity, stability and affordability in the secondary mortgage market, where existing mortgage-related assets are purchased and sold. Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise that was chartered by Congress in 1938 to support liquidity, stability and affordability in the secondary mortgage market, where existing mortgage-related assets are purchased and sold.

Mortgage Bankers & Loan Corr
Mortgage Bankers & Loan Corr
Washington, District Of Columbia, USA
Fannie Mae (QB) is listed in the Mortgage Bankers & Loan Corr sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker FNMA. The last closing price for Fannie Mae (QB) was $1.39. Over the last year, Fannie Mae (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.415 to $ 2.00.

Fannie Mae (QB) currently has 1,158,087,567 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Fannie Mae (QB) is $1.70 billion. Fannie Mae (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 565.38.

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FNMA Discussion

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LuLeVan LuLeVan 1 hour ago
$1.18 is my software's absolute bottom support.

Have you checked your software for viruses? A Lamberth worm is said to be circulating.
Forrest Gump Luck Forrest Gump Luck 2 hours ago
The stock is dropping because Biden is gaining on Trump in, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The debates coming up no matter what happens. It’s more unlikely that Donald Trump doesn’t come out and net winner. It best bet is not debate at all, but that’s also going to cost him. It’s all riding on white suburban women in those states. Trump only has to win one of those states. Biden needs all three + Omaha. Republicans in Omaha are trying to change the way electoral votes are awarded. If Trump wins one of those states and Biden doesn’t win Omaha, it’s a tie. Trump wins a tie, as it will be decided in the house. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.
Wise Man Wise Man 2 hours ago
Since the Treasury chose a 3-option Privatized Housing Finance System revamp for the release, it's Congress the one in charge of the release with one of the three options.
The FHFA and the Treasury just have to come clean about what they've done (Charter-unauthorized CRTs, PLMBS lawsuit settlement, Separate Account, etc.).

You write too much to mislead the retail investor, under the orders of your boss, Pagliara.
Congress didn't put Fannie and Freddie in Conservatorship. FHFA did. It can also release them.
Wise Man Wise Man 3 hours ago
Quit posting the same BILL because we already have a LAW requiring the Treasury to come out with an end point for the conservatorships, and the subsequent 2011 Report to Congress with a 3-option Privatized Housing Finance System revamp, plus recommendation of guarantee fee increases, so FnF adopt the Basel framework like the fully private banks. In the end, it's all about removing their privileges, from delivering below-market g-fees, low capital standards, their PLMBS Investment Portfolio funded by low-cost borrowing and, eventually, the most valuable privilege of all, the UST backup of the enterprises at rates similar to Treasuries, that is, Charter revoked. The idea that the shareholders can't benefit from the privileges of the companies they own, which is what all the plans of deception are for, is insane.

You remind me of the Treasury Department of Mnuchin in his 2019 Housing Reform plan pursuant to a Presidential Memorandum, attempting to supplant the aforementioned real thing, when he said:

It was a law that, precisely, required the Treasury to come up with an end point. So, we already have the specific point.
Ignoring or covering it up, won't change this fact.
Even Christopher Whales, a FnF hater, said that "Post Dodd-Frank, FnF must be private". He conceals that it's been 15 years in the making.

We know that the FHEFSSA established MANDATORY release when FnF are classified Undercapitalized (TIER 1 Capital > 2.5% of Adjusted Total Assets) Source, struck by HERA but it's there to ponder. If the FHFA surpassed it, it's because it wants to get rid of the unwanted Equity holders, the AT1 Capital holders (JPS), and that's achieved only when CET1 > 2.5% of ATA.
TIER 1 Capital = CET1 + AT1 Capital.

Mnuchin and Calabria required a CET1 > 3% of ATA for the release in the January 2021 PA amendment (Source), clearly an overblown figure that proves that Mnuchin was just thinking of a swap of the JPS from his buddy Berkowitz, for Cs. And Calabria is a puppet, because the outcome is TIER 1 > 3% of ATA and thus, above the minimum capital requirement of TIER 1 > 2.5%, in the ERCF that was released one month later (effective February 16, 2021). It's required consistency in the figures.
Clearly, Mnuchin was told at the time that the FHFA wanted to get rid of the unwanted JPS holders, and he wanted a swap JPS for Cs to make up for their losses, instead of more years with a Non-Cumulative dividend suspended. That's why the lack of consistency between his CET1 >3% of ATA and the ERCF.

Under the Separate Account plan (normal Conservatorship carried out secretly. Watch my signature image below) and as of end of the 1Q2024, FnF can redeem the JPS and then, their Capital Buffer would be greater than the 25% of total Prescribed Capital Buffer required for the dividend resumption (Table 8 of the Capital Rule: Payout ratio). Perfect timing for a Housing Finance System revamp, and everything working in harmony under the Rule of Law and basic Finance.

If the JPS holders are annoyed with this overtime, because the JPS should have resumed the dividend payments in late 2022 in Fannie Mae (The moment their Fair Value fetches its par value. Fair Value chart of $FNMAS) and one year earlier in Freddie Mac, no one cares. Harsh but, as long as it's lawful, it's okay.
This is called "Conservator Risk", that is, "any action authorized by this section in the best interests of FHFA" (conservator's Incidental Power). On top of Regulatory Risk, when the weight for the Leverage Ratio increased from 0.45% in the FHEFSSA, to a whopping 2.5% of MBSs. Yet, below the U.S. banks with 3%.

Let alone with the shenanigans of the Lamberth rebate and implied contract by your friend whom you send emails regularly, the unsophisticated lawyer Hamish Hume. There are no rebates in the stock market.
No one can make up for their losses for 1 and 2 years of dividend waived.

You've been called out about the theme of the BILL by representative Ogles in numerous occasions, but you are here just to collect 📬️.
Acme Investments Acme Investments 4 hours ago
Glad to have a fan!! I said it and it's happening!! Deal with it!!
real777mellon real777mellon 4 hours ago
Will never happen. Said that twice in three months now. No pull back - Run up early. Accumulating here - there's no one shorting and any volume makes this move up fast. $2.00 price target is too low imo. $1.54 is the technical resistance $1.18 is my software's absolute bottom support. Speaking out your ass boy.
🤯 1
Acme Investments Acme Investments 4 hours ago
Under a buck soon!! Pullback before election!!
real777mellon real777mellon 4 hours ago
Oh and thanks to the clowns for wasting my time to defend someone I clearly put SEC charges of 2 counts of fraud that never were wiped off just a third appeal where they didn't have to pay $$$ bc it was not properly stated by Pagliara's victims.

MOVING ON, a little reason why you shouldn't listen to that idiot and the FHFA Director of the Biden admin at all. Their oversight of the FHLB is another duty of the FHFA in addition to this conservatorship...

I was going to share a reason why I fn hated this guy Pagliara's "Advising" to y'all without much depth or even clue what he was talking about to declare the FHFA recap number of this admin - Biden admin - does not mean shit when Trump takes office. He can fire her as the Letter 11/11/21 to Rand Paul leaked to RealClearPolitics said was his intention if he was not blocked and in court to get control of the firing and hiring of his own FHFA Director to direct to get these GSEs ready for release. Now the cap and anything the Biden FHFA does is NOT set in stone. Pagliara doesn't even mention that - so no it won't take 18 months after Trump is inaugurated for a Biden FHFA Director way too high required number to be reached. Bill Ackman fn confirmed this. But I also wanted to point out to you just how much this FHFA and Biden admin LIES only to get caught in a FOIA request pertaining to the FHLB being used to "bailout" depositors in full at SVB costing $4.6B - where was the FHFA oversight? Why did they lie about the fact in last weeks 2023 FHLB report by the FHFA that the act committed that FOIA exposes and I'll let you read my tweets - was just an "advance" - and WTF was 4.6B in FHLB to SVB depositors because 97% were over the FDIC 250K insurance max only mentioned in the FHFA's 2023 FHLB report once - "and advance in the SVB failure" in a 100+ page report?

Find out for yourself. I explain all things with sources and I don't accuse I tell the truth. The intention is - I don't claim to fight for shareholder's rights. I don't get paid a thing for sharing truth. I just am so fucking sick and tired of all the damn people being lynched for telling the truth about the rampant fraud in the American capital markets like Gamestop when you call out "Roaring Kitty and Ryan Cohen" - or when Marc Cohodes and I both first began our friendship because we both called out SBF as a fraud in public him to Bloomberg me to Jim Cramer and later before my personal account was autobanned by "X" the free speech anti-free speech site depending on who u critique. I still have record of it archived. I still am friends with Marc and talk about it publicly with him on my tweets.

This is the worst betrayal I've ever seen to Americans by a President and Treasury Secretary and then an unredacted FOIA request the FDIC asked Bloomberg to destroy. @FHFA @FDICgov @federalreserve @USTreasury FHLBank used a fake Special Purpose Emergency to send $1B to China.— Stankonia Capital (@StankoniaCap) June 18, 2024

You all should be nicer to someone who calls out frauds that you investors also would be keen to be aware of. Since I don't appreciate these damn people especially when I'm staked in FNMA 100% - like the dope who told you all to get out of commons in early 2023 because they were done! (He's attacking me? Wow) I try to be honest as I can help.

You know there's some good people here and the losers who are here making me the bad guy - I have no SEC charges, I don't take fees, and I leave paper trail sources. You have my identity - I don't hide. Take it up with me personally and I will waste more of my time showing some brash person who doesn't appreciate free information in a stock they invest in and has to call the non SEC charged with two counts of fraud person the one attacking people and those who defend him. GTFO.

And go Fannie and Freddie.
👍️ 1 😎 1
real777mellon real777mellon 5 hours ago
Power to get off on language and spend $1.5M in legal fees to get the court to throw out the SEC's charges because the SEC's victims of Pagliara and co didn't state the amount of $ basically they were specifically overcharged even though two courts had found in favor of the SEC's fraud claims? Let me tell you something about power. I don't charge fees. I have a stake here. As I wrote I can prove that. Pagliara can't deny he doesn't have the stake he says and he didn't get charged for what he claims on the website that he is an asset manager with $1.4B AUM. He is a Registered TN Inv Adv.

My friends as I stated are WALL STREET level players. I can prove that if you fucking want too. But I also am just sending my own legal all of the harassment by proxy - and people like you who claim I'm attacking people when I have the god damn SEC charges and explanation of how this guy advertises himself and overcharged $400K of fees from clients and on third appeal got off bc they couldn't state the claim on a technicality. Good for them the charges are there because he did not get cleared of his fraud charges.

Now. I will give you a chance to STFU. I come here to share really relevant information. That's why Marc Cohodes and Scott L Mathis two provable relationships I have described enough go check my linkedin I'll have Scott call you and tell you who is powerful.

I don't care about people with $1.5M that sue the insurance company for denying them coverage during their attempt to fight off the penalties in appeals 1 and 2 only to get off of paying and claim WIN on paid to write spin websites. I told you he considers Roger Parloff - the man who publicly puff pieced Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried his FRIEND. $26B of fraud that journalist caused bc he takes money to fluff frauds.

Hang with bad people, get bad results. He can't even prove he has stake.

I actually manage assets. He is only allowed to advise and funnel fees thru affiliates and third parties that's such a diff thing than 1.4B AUM.

Now punk, I may be starting out, but I'm not the aggressor. Pagliara decided to insult me when I just asked him how he could be fighting for shareholders of which I am when he's willing to defend a 2 time fraud puff piece writer like they were gods and then set them loose on the world with an image they were worthy of trust and geniuses.

I have said nothing but the truth. So I will show you who has the power here. That's what you don't understand - I'm not a fraud - I back up my shit and I have portfolio managed that I can say here's my performance - here's what I said on twitter and LinkedIn. Here's all my TRUE self and I am not even taking fees or running outside business investments. Just me and my partner and friend. Proprietary. So F off buddy. If you wanna see powerful keep pushing your lazy narrative.

Don't confuse someone who is up and coming and serious about the validity and honesty of his investments and also one with two pretty fn awesome people who I've got in my corner one is financing out Argentina luxury private invite only community and he is a LOT more powerful that Pagliara. I can fight off anyone who projects on me. I have a clean record. I have also 100% said the truth. You can see my other message email me and verify yourself I will zoom with you and log in right in front of you to my accredited LLC IBKR Pro account. You think some Investment Advisor only allowed to work in Tennessee is going to scare me? You can find out for yourself. Go tell him. I'm sure he wants to go against Scott L Mathis and Marc Cohodes. I'm also open to taking capital from him if he wants to try. I attack people? You should thank me for pointing out this guy doesn't do jack to fight for you just like JOoa0ky tried to get you guys to sell out at f'n 0.38? Wow.
👍️ 1 🤯 1
real777mellon real777mellon 6 hours ago
I am not a fraud. Tim Pagliara defended the journalist who wrote paid puff pieces for Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried. He said he was friends with Roger Parloff. I realized Tim was sketchy because he puts so much emphasis on this FHFA and his analysis lacks any understanding of market dynamics and conditions upon exiting conservatorship, let alone that the Trump admin with dissolve of name his FHFA director Day 1 as his letter in 2021 to Rand Paul said.

Tim decided to be a jackass and insult me so I dug into his website. $1.4B in AUM he says his CapWealth Advisors LLC manages > there is no SEC registration for his "AUM" - you need to register at $100M AUM... I did find he's a TN state registered financial advisor - which is why he probably lies about managing assets to begin with -> he sells people "advice" on investments.

There was an SEC charge of a client he didn't disclose conflicting interests that lost his advised client money and Tim gained money on the other side of his advice -- as if being a liar to lure customers to trust you in the first place is not a fraud.

Now as for you. I did accuse one person of fraud that I just explained and my proof is on the past 48 hours of my tweets which is why @TimPagliara blocked me the minute I brought up his SEC charges in 2020 for fucking his client by not disclosing his conflicting interest in what he told his client to invest in.

There's SEC proof. I didn't ACCUSE anyone. I pointed out who has been CHARGED by the SEC as well as an easy search will show there is no $1.4B AUM that he manages. He probably doesn't even own $FNMA $FMCC or PFD. He says he fights for our rights and has blocked a US Navy veteran and stakeholder in this company for god sakes because he called him out on something fishy. Who fights for people's rights and blocks veterans?

I have my LLC registered. I'm happy for you to dox me. That's why I don't hide the fact me and my partner met in baseball in the minor league level after college up in Canada but are both from the US and we decided to start a proprietary investment firm with our own money (that's proprietary) and I use my business LLC name to real-time HONEST positions and if I have a fraud lurking in one of my companies I invest in, then F that guy. Shame on you for defending him. I left all the proof and sources are linked. By the book.

My goal is to manage a small amount of money based on the record of our Small Business Account our LLC used IBKR pro with accredited status and global access to long value bets on stocks only. We are Charlie Munger believers in the big money being in the waiting. I take people projecting that I AM A FRAUD using my business account seriously. I send the information of all Tim's proxies he sent to me thinking I take the shit my friend Marc Cohodes gets for calling out Ryan Cohen as a fraud, but I am just starting out and not a Wall Street retired legendary short seller who policed markets by taking down frauds (when short selling was quietly done and revered).

I have said enough on this if I see you or anyone else continue this bogus behavior I am not hiding and our current position is 72,000 shares of concentrated 100% on $FNMA because that's how we roll. We believe in both companies so no need to have a war here over the different types of shares.

I don't have a webpage because I don't take outside money. I told you we use our own money. Ever see the Big Short and the two dopes Brad Pitt helps go from their garage to getting an ISDA swap contract agreement to short the housing market? We run our own money and our success is in our performance. If we don't perform we don't make money to roll into other AUM.

We don't take outside money and twitter has time stamps for me to prove I said what when and it's attracted Marc Cohodes and another Wall St SVP and Board of Directors member at Lehman Brothers as well as Oppenheimer Partners who has EM properties with a 5 star hotel in Buenos Aires he bought in 2007 for 300K and fixed up to get 5 stars and 600+ TripAdvisor ratings of 4.8 stars in the diplomat village of the capital. President Macri in 2015-2019 had daily lunch conferences with diplomats from the world over at his hotel and invited him to his 50th Bday. Roger Federer has rented his entire hotel out. He has invited us to his luxury vineyard to a community that is private and invite only for young entrepreneurs to live in Argentina's beautiful wine country in San Rafael and the company financing is a done deal - its our first physical asset in our LLC we believe it's going to be 10-20x it's value we get it for in the next 10 years. I can prove ALL of these things. So you may EMAIL ME BECAUSE THAT IS WHY I HAVE THAT DOMAIN AND NO WEBSITE. MOST PLACES YOU REGISTER A BUSINESS ACCOUNT AT WHETHER ITS A BROKERAGE OR A DAMN LEGAL SITE WITH INVESTOR INFO AND LEGAL ARTICLES FOR THOSE IN FINANCE AND LEGAL PROFESSIONS...


From there I will be happy to zoom with you because again - this is my business I show my face I can show a live portfolio in our LLC account with 72,000 FNMA there as well as the contract for our invitation along with a deck to Algodon Wine Estates new private residences called The Pinnacle Club by Scott Mathis my Lehman and Oppenheimer - Emerging Market luxury real estate and wine/fashion CEO friend who has been impressed enough with our performance to offer us a great place to start building outside clientele in 2025 when our residence is completed.

I can prove just about everything about me is legit. As well as my partner.

You JOoa0ky better tread lightly on your wording. I don't accuse. This actually is a man charged by the SEC and is not a $1.4 AUM fund manager. Nor is he a Chief Investment Officer in practice but that's what the financial advisor says on his website.

Got it?

Email me I'll verify anything. I'm not hard to find.

I'm sick of the fraud in this market from the FHFA and the Biden Yellen FED FDIC FHLB etc. I don't take shit from punks who tarnish my business because they think I have no teeth even after they know the guy has SEC charges - lets go over the charges too and the FRAUD specifically:

Begins on Page 24 of the SEC Complaint on behalf of the clients Pagliara fee harvested and amongst other things and used third party broker-dealers with no actual authority to manage the assets himself but just as an advisor with affiliates or a clearing broker-dealer (assets managed unaffiliated corp without customer knowledge):

Violations of Section 206(2) of the Advisers Act
[15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(2)]
101. Paragraphs 1 through 100 are hereby re-alleged and are incorporated
102. Defendants, acting as investment advisers, by use of the mails or
means or instrumentalities of interstate commerce, directly and indirectly engaged
in transactions, practices, and courses of business which operated as a fraud and
Case 3:20-cv-01064 Document 1 Filed 12/11/20 Page 24 of 28 PageID #: 24
deceit upon clients and prospective clients, all as more particularly described
103. By reason thereof, Defendants violated and, unless enjoined, will
continue to violate Section 206(2) of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(2)].
Violations of Section 206(4) of the Advisers Act and Rule 206(4)-7 thereunder
[15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(4) and 17 C.F.R. § 275.206(4)-7]
104. Paragraphs 1 through 100 are hereby re-alleged and are incorporated
herein by reference.
105. Section 206(4) of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(4)] provides
that it is unlawful for an investment adviser to engage in an act, practice or course
of business which is fraudulent, deceptive or manipulative. It further states that the
Commission shall issue rules to define and prescribe measures to prevent such
misconduct. Rule 206(4)-7 under the Advisers Act [17 C.F.R. § 275.206(4)-7]
requires, among other things, that investment advisers registered with the
Commission adopt and implement written policies and procedures reasonably
designed to prevent violations, by the investment adviser and its supervised
persons, of the Advisers Act and its rules. Such investment advisers must also
review the adequacy of those policies and procedures and the effectiveness of their
implementation, at least annually.
106. CapWealth failed to adopt and implement written policies and
Case 3:20-cv-01064 Document 1 Filed 12/11/20 Page 25 of 28 PageID #: 25
procedures reasonably designed to prevent Defendants’ inadequate conflicts
disclosures and failure to seek best execution arising from their mutual fund share
class selection practices.
107. By reason thereof, CapWealth violated and, unless enjoined, will
continue to violate Section 206(4) of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(4)] and
Rule 206(4)-7 [17 C.F.R. § 275.206(4)-7] thereunder.
WHEREFORE, the Commission respectfully prays for:
Findings of fact and conclusions of law pursuant to Rule 52 of the Federal
Rules of Civil Procedure, finding that the Defendants named herein committed the
violations alleged herein.
Permanent injunctions enjoining Defendants from violating, directly or
indirectly, Section 206(2) of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(2)].
A permanent injunction enjoining Defendant CapWealth from violating,
directly or indirectly, Section 206(4) of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. § 80b-6(4)]
and Rule 206(4)-7 thereunder [17 C.F.R. § 275.206(4)-7].
Case 3:20-cv-01064 Document 1 Filed 12/11/20 Page 26 of 28 PageID #: 26
Disgorgement by Pagliara and Murphy of all ill-gotten gains or unjust
enrichment with prejudgment interest, to effect the remedial purposes of the
federal securities laws.
An order pursuant to Section 209(e) of the Advisers Act [15 U.S.C. § 80b
9(e)] imposing civil penalties against Defendants.
Such other and further relief as this Court may deem just, equitable, and
appropriate in connection with the enforcement of the federal securities laws and
for the protection of investors.
Pursuant to Rule 38 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the
Commission demands trial by jury in this action of all issues so triable.
Dated this 11th day of December, 2020.
Respectfully submitted,
/s/ Kristin W. Murnahan
M. Graham Loomis
Regional Trial Counsel
Georgia Bar No. 457868
Tel: (404) 842-7622
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Barron4664 Barron4664 6 hours ago
Not far-fetched at all. Section 303 does cover preferred stock. What you are suggestion is that Treasury used section 304 authority to purchase section 303 preferred securities. Correct? But that is not what happened. You would be correct had treasury used section 304 to purchase $187 billion of section 303 preferred stock. That would have been fine. In fact that is what Treasury was supposed to do according to the law. The problem is that the creation of the SPS was not done by the GSEs under section 303 but rather Treasury used section 304 to purchase $1 billion worth of senior preferred shares then added an infinite return that somehow has ballooned to over 300 billion in LP and warrants for 79.9 % of common stock. The novel terms of the SPS were created externally from the GSEs (GSEs had no say) in an agreement between 2 agencies of the federal government premised in the agreement on Section 304 of the FNMA charter act. Section 303 has no bearing on this. These are new products conceived by fellow traveling conspirators using section 304 of the Charter act. If lawyers are duped into thinking like you propose, then it is no wonder that they have failed in every attempt. They aren’t thinking corruptly enough.
👍️ 1
jog49 jog49 6 hours ago
Fannie & Freddie have been going "thru the roof" for 11 years but something makes them come back! Word on the street it's the most corrupt thing in the United States . . . . the U.S. Government!
👍️ 2
JOoa0ky JOoa0ky 7 hours ago
Because apparently Argentina's Market is down.

🤣 1 🤪 1
Brooge warrants cancelled Brooge warrants cancelled 7 hours ago
why we drop so much? haven't been here in awhile
JOoa0ky JOoa0ky 7 hours ago
He's accusing others of fraud when his own website doesn't even work. 🤔
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clarencebeaks21 clarencebeaks21 7 hours ago
Barron, and Rodney elsewhere in reply, thank you for looking into this. But I still do not reach the same legal conclusion.

To me, the key is that FNMA’s charter Act Section 303 states quite plainly that it covers “preferred stock”. Ergo, any effort to try and fit the senior preferred stock into a section other than 303 is problematic at best, and simply runs afoul of 303’s plain language at worst.

That said, I can see how Section 304(g)1(A) might cause wonderment. That section authorized UST to purchase “any (FNMA) obligations and other securities” —which refers firstly (clearly) to debt and secondly to non-debt. But so what? The purpose there is to grant “authority to Treasury”, as it says. So considering 303 and this paragraph’s purpose, it seems far-fetched to think that 304(g)1(A) pulls double-duty as a silent, implied authority mechanism for some but not all FNMA preferred stock.

Thus, since in my view the Sr Preferred do not fall under 304, they do not qualify as a regulated “product” under HERA.

I may be wrong but I think that’s how a lawyer would see it. That’s how I see it, anyway. But your approach is a novel one so I wish you the best with it. If no one files suit we will never know, so until that happens it’s worth less than cyber ink. Good luck.
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HappyAlways HappyAlways 8 hours ago
What has happened to Fannie ? We are dropping back by 35% in a week. Did someone say something bad in public ? BTW, what is the latest status of the court case ? Thanks.
skeptic7 skeptic7 9 hours ago
The "taking" that you refer to I view as the NWS. That was not done by HERA, it was done by you know who and UST.
skeptic7 skeptic7 9 hours ago
Really? lofl
bradford86 bradford86 9 hours ago
I do not understand why you are out attacking people. The people you are attacking with false statements are powerful. Unwise.
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bradford86 bradford86 9 hours ago
I like your screenshot of Pagliara taking time to talk to you. He was trying to be nice.

You should pay close attention to what he says as he has been involved for a long time in a big way.
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TightCoil TightCoil 10 hours ago
Just Released - TightCoil sentiment for FNMA and FMCC

Strong Buy - then HOLD FOR GOLD
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NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 11 hours ago
FNMA's Summer 2016 Price Movements: Analysis and Comparison to 2024 (post on Reddit yesterday)

During the summer of 2016, FNMA stock displayed notable volatility, starting with a period of stagnation followed by a sharp increase and a subsequent decline. These fluctuations were likely influenced by investor reactions to regulatory news and market forecasts within the housing sector, which Fannie Mae significantly underpins.

Comparing this to 2024, another election year, similar patterns of volatility can be seen. Election years often bring increased uncertainty in markets, especially for entities like FNMA that are closely tied to government policies.

In November 2016, FNMA experienced a significant surge in its stock price, likely driven by investor optimism surrounding potential regulatory changes post-election. Looking ahead to November 2024, a similar surge could be expected. As another election year, investor sentiment may once again be influenced by the electoral outcome, with anticipations of policy adjustments potentially catalyzing movements in FNMA's stock.
JOoa0ky JOoa0ky 12 hours ago
Got a call from Robinhood asking me to buy FNMA.

I told him to give Argentina Boy a call instead.
EternalPatience EternalPatience 12 hours ago
I look only at my window, not at my neighbors window and feel jealous. So what happens to them means nothing to me.. what do I do with nvdoa and msdt going thru the roof. Doesn't put food on my table
jog49 jog49 12 hours ago
"4% chance of being enacted "

In other words . . . buy a Powerball ticket and increase your luck!
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PennMilitia PennMilitia 12 hours ago
I'm not singling out anyone

The current admin has done nothing to further Fannie and Freddie release that's all I'm saying.
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Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 12 hours ago
I disagree

It took Congress passing HERA to create the FHFA which then took our company per HERA

I further elaborated -- to explain that unless we exit exactly as we went in - we will need CONGRESS to give us a renewed and changed charter or bless one

I further elaborated that the key fist step - second step - third and fourth steps - the wipe out of any obligation by F and F to pay a penny to erase the SP/L which hangs over our heads ready to chop them off (to include all or most of JPS)

So - you are right - I do not want to BLINDLY follow what i believe is wrong and contradicts how we got in this TAKING of our companies.

Summary - I can follow that Treasury or Executive can do a TON -- but I do not follow how the Executive unwinds what was built by Congress with HERA
Guido2 Guido2 12 hours ago
@FinancialCmte @PatrickMcHenry

Why hasn't HR 5549 moved out of Committee?— Guido da Costa Pereira (@GuidoPerei) June 18, 2024
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Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 12 hours ago

I was a broker at three firms --- Dean Morgan and Raymond

Who asked you to sell ?

Did they ask you to sell or did some one - maybe a person associated with your account - such as an appointed broker of sorts - suggest you could sell and use the cash in a different way

If anything but the last --- it is wrong - but bluntly - I can not imagine a reason Fidelity would just on its own call an owner of F and F and ask them to sell
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 12 hours ago

why single out this administration ??


ALL HAVE the BLOOD of JAILER and TAKER on their hands

but everyone seems to forget this list - which includes DJT and four years as POTUS with HIS selections for four years at Justice and of Course TREASURY which can do a lot on its own - but nothing happened but we did get a 200 page report with OPTIONS that included 11
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Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 12 hours ago
Look it up at say Yahoo finance

GME has not made any profit - none this decade !!!

it was not a profitable company and was about to be flushed away
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navycmdr navycmdr 13 hours ago
FHFA Releases Latest Non-Performing Loan Sales Report


The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) today released the latest report on the sale of non-performing loans (NPLs) by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises). The Enterprise Non-Performing Loan Sales Report includes sales information about NPLs sold through December 31, 2023. Borrower outcomes reflect NPLs sold through June 30, 2023.

The sale of NPLs reduces the number of deeply delinquent loans in the Enterprises’ portfolios and transfers credit risk to the private sector. FHFA and the Enterprises impose requirements on NPL buyers designed to achieve more favorable outcomes for borrowers than foreclosure.

This report shows that the Enterprises sold 168,364 NPLs with a total unpaid principal balance (UPB) of $30.9 billion from program inception in 2014 through December 31, 2023. The loans included in the NPL sales had an average delinquency of 2.8 years and an average current mark-to-market loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 83 percent (not including capitalized arrearages).

NPL Sales Highlights:

--- The average delinquency for pools sold ranged from 1.1 years to 6.2 years.

--- Fannie Mae has sold 114,993 loans with an aggregate UPB of $20.6 billion, an average delinquency of 2.8 years, and an average LTV ratio of 80 percent.

--- Freddie Mac has sold 53,371 loans with an aggregate UPB of $10.2 billion, an average delinquency of 2.7 years, and an average LTV ratio of 88 percent.

--- NPLs in New Jersey, New York, and Florida represent 40 percent of the NPLs sold.

Borrower Outcomes Highlights:

--- The borrower outcomes in the report are based on 160,576 NPLs that were settled by June 30, 2023, and reported as of December 31, 2023.

--- Compared to a benchmark of similarly delinquent Enterprise NPLs that were not sold, foreclosures avoided for sold NPLs were higher than the benchmark.

--- NPLs on homes occupied by borrowers had the highest rate of foreclosure avoidance outcomes (46.9 percent foreclosure avoided versus 17.7 percent for vacant properties).

--- NPLs on vacant homes had a much higher rate of foreclosure, more than double the foreclosure rate of borrower-occupied properties (76.0 percent foreclosure versus 29.1 percent for borrower-occupied properties). Foreclosures on vacant homes typically improve neighborhood stability and reduce blight as the homes are sold or rented to new occupants.

--- The average UPB of NPLs sold was $183,312.

FHFA will continue to provide reporting on NPL sales borrower outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Read the latest Non-Performing Loan Sales Report.
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Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 13 hours ago
Remember - just 10 years ago - a Republican Senate Finance Committee almost wound down F and F

R has instinctively hated Fannie ever since FDR created it to provide liquidity for the working middle class family

the TBTF banks hate it and still want it dead (although frankly - it seems in conservatorship F and F get more share !! and some form of regulated "and right sized" FF could make good profit but have say a max share of 33% or whatever by mandate)
navycmdr navycmdr 13 hours ago
Enterprise Non-Performing Loan Sales Report - December 2023

Published: 06/18/2024

The Enterprise Non-Performing Loan Sales Report includes information about Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) sold through December 31, 2023 and reflects borrower outcomes as of June 30, 2023, on NPLs sold through December 31, 2023. The sale of NPLs by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) reduces the number of deeply delinquent loans held in their inventories and transfers credit risk to the private sector. The sales help achieve more favorable outcomes for borrowers and local communities than the outcomes that would be achieved if the Enterprises held the NPLs in their portfolios. The sales also help reduce losses to the Enterprises and to taxpayers. NPLs are generally one year or more delinquent. Purchasers of Enterprise NPLs are subject to requirements published by FHFA, which have been enhanced over time as described on page 3 of the report.

This report provides information about the Enterprises' sales of NPLs and borrower outcomes post-sale. The report contains the following key information:

Quantity and attributes of NPLs sold from August 1, 2014, through December 31, 2023.
Borrower outcomes as of December 31, 2023, on NPLs sold through June 30, 2023.
Borrower outcomes post-sale compared to a benchmark of similarly delinquent Enterprise NPLs that were not sold.
Pool level information and outcomes, including the buyers of the NPLs*.
Some pools have reached the end of the required four-year reporting period. Outcomes for these pools are held constant at the four-year mark.

?This report shows that, through December 31, 2023?, the Enterprises sold 168,364 NPLs with an aggregate unpaid principal balance (UPB) of $30.9 billion. The loans included in the NPL sales had an average delinquency of 2.8 years and an average current mark-to-market LTV ratio of 83 percent, not including capitalized arrearages. Average delinquency for pools sold ranged from 1.1 to 6.2 years.
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skeptic7 skeptic7 13 hours ago
His bill got literally zero attention. The fix is in.
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Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 13 hours ago
I suggest

We need Congress to be a new form of F and F

Many have talked F and F become one company FF

And or - it say a private company with equity ownership but under FEDERAL oversight as a public utility (like utilities were for decades)

IMO - that stuff - merge to one or become "different" requires congress and boy oh boy that - SORRY - means a functioning D congress

But --- Treasury can kill the SP !!!!!! that is an executive action to start and can be changed with an executive action
Such executive action does not require an EXECUTIVE ORDER from POTUS -- but IMO is something the head of treasury can simply do !!

That does not relist us but it moves us 85% of the way to good earnings per share as the max shares are either 1B or 5B but not 100B which they could be if GOV converted the LP/SP. With that declared done and gone ---- we are 85% of the way and likely would trade about $4 or $5 waiting for 15-35 with Congressional Action ---- or maybe a POTUS EO
jog49 jog49 14 hours ago
H.R. 5549 . . .submitted 9/18/2023

9 months and counting............................... could have had a baby by now!
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jog49 jog49 14 hours ago
"What FHFA is clearly stating is that they, FHFA, WILL NOT ACT to release Fannie and Freddie"

In a nut shell, that's it!
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skeptic7 skeptic7 14 hours ago
You don't want to follow. You just want to further your syndrome.
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stockanalyze stockanalyze 14 hours ago
what makes you so confident?
PennMilitia PennMilitia 14 hours ago
Watch what happens after November

Put your seatbelt on because you are going to need it.
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stockanalyze stockanalyze 14 hours ago
is that your financial advisor there? weird. you should call them back and ask why? do you have margin against them? i don't think fnma or fmcc are marginable unless they want to restrict buying or selling or holding them. doesn't vanguard only allow you to sell them (and not allow to buy them).
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pauljon4 pauljon4 14 hours ago
Why don't you ask them?
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CatBirdSeat CatBirdSeat 14 hours ago
Why would brokerages call up their retail customers asking them to sell their fnma and fncc stocks?
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mvecho mvecho 14 hours ago
Roaring kitty saved Gamestops stock, i dont know i guess i am grasping at this point. I feel the same way you feel about everything, it feels like we are a banan republic, this stock has shown me how corrupt the government is along with everything thats going on now.
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CatBirdSeat CatBirdSeat 15 hours ago
Got a call from Fidelity asking me to sell my fnma and fmcc shares.

Is it illegal for a Brokerage to demand a retail customer to sell shares of a stock?!
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stockanalyze stockanalyze 15 hours ago
lael told us few months ago, no plan to end this. and no guarantee the next admin, even if different one, would do anything different. sad. that is why most investors had to sell and get out of it. it is possible that this is their intent.
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PennMilitia PennMilitia 15 hours ago
End game Admin does not want to-change-anything

We all knew nothing was going to happen under this admin. No news there.
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NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 15 hours ago
Whatever the case may be FHFA is DIRECTLY telling us and everyone else they are NOT going to end the c'ship and are specifically telling Congress they must do so. I don't know how much clearer they can be telling us they are NOT going to budge from this position.
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