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Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (PK)

Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (PK) (SAPX)

Closed June 19 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0006 Day's Range 0.0008
0.0003 52 Week Range 0.0015
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 1,125
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (PK)

Motion Pic, Videotape Prodtn
Jewelry,silverware,plated Ware
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (PK) is listed in the Motion Pic, Videotape Prodtn sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker SAPX. The last closing price for Seven Arts Entertainment (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Seven Arts Entertainment (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0003 to $ 0.0015.

Seven Arts Entertainment (PK) currently has 2,188,444,252 shares outstanding.

SAPX Latest News

No news to show yet.

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SAPX Discussion

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lowandaway lowandaway 6 hours ago
Ok hotshot. How much are you willing to donate to a charity if this thing doesn't hit 1 penny in the next year?
totffe totffe 11 hours ago
$1000? That's it? Shows what a small little guy you are. Go buy some gold fish and stare at them.
shoondale shoondale 11 hours ago
That can work out great if you are buying them that low and someone picks up the shell. However, not so much, if you buy them prior, at a higher level, and the price sinks that low.
Most of the EGOmike stocks are.00000001 lmao
Some guys, on these boards, fish for shells on the expert market like that. They might wait a year or several years, and then if it gets picked up, the return is phenomenal. I even saw one guy recruit people to take the shell over.

But again, not too good, if it was one he was pumping at a higher level.
jimr1717 jimr1717 12 hours ago
Most of the EGOmike stocks are.00000001 lmao
👍️ 2 💯 2
lowandaway lowandaway 13 hours ago
Thank you for the information, now get busy pumping and prove me wrong!
👍️ 1
Ecomike Ecomike 13 hours ago
Ambition, with out knowledge, like ship in dry dock.

Go no where fast.

Been there, done it, many times. One of my stocks made a 999,900% rally in one day.

SAPX has the right stuff for an epic run.

One of my stocks is over $100/share, with 50% more shares in the float than SAPX.

Never say never...
🤡 1 🤮 1
lowandaway lowandaway 13 hours ago
Hey egomike, so now you think this is going to a dime a share? I'll tell you what, if in the next 365 days this thing becomes a 60 bagger and closes over 5 pennies per share for three days in a row, I will give $1000. to your favorite charity. If your favorite charity is you, I will give you the $1000. I don't think I have anything to worry about. Now, get busy and start pumping!
👍️ 1 💯 1
Ecomike Ecomike 14 hours ago
Much you have to learn....

💩 1 😂 1 🤡 1
Ecomike Ecomike 14 hours ago
I am loading up weak hand shares while we wait for the filing. I grabbed another 1.5 Million the last 2 days.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
Ecomike Ecomike 14 hours ago
Most OTC stocks message boards have some blowhards that are always calling for the stocks they bash, to see the sky fall, the sun to go super nova, an asteroid to wipe out humanity and the end of days disaster wipe out all the shareholders with Nuclear radiation and toxic BS....

Watch and learn little low one...
👍️ 1 💣️ 1 💥 1 😍 1 🚀 1
TerraRyzing TerraRyzing 14 hours ago
Yeah. The good thing is most are holding on tight . It went from .0008s to .0006 because there really isn't anyone dumping. Those 7s were on the Ask, but it was less than 170,000

If the fins come in audited, no foul
👍️ 1
floridaboy floridaboy 15 hours ago
Reckon we need to see a filing?
jimr1717 jimr1717 16 hours ago
If EGOmike is pumping you better be dumping.

No one has pumped on more no bid stocks than the Ego.
🎯 2 👌 1 👍️ 1 💨 1 💩 1 🤡 2 🤢 1
lowandaway lowandaway 16 hours ago
Now it's a dime. Most OTC stocks message boards have some blowhards that are always calling for their stocks to become 50 baggers. Now you are calling for this to become a 150 bagger. Keep dreaming!
🎯 2 👍️ 1 💥 1
Mister Mr Mister Mr 17 hours ago
Bashers are getting smoked once again.
🤡 1 🤮 1
Ecomike Ecomike 17 hours ago
Thanks to the chumps that sold me .0007s today.

They up for sale at .38/share now
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 2
Ecomike Ecomike 17 hours ago
Bull Feathers. You will cover your shorts way over a dime.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
nickeli54 nickeli54 20 hours ago
Oh I’ve seen crazier things and this having deals with LG is a big deal now and the future. Liquidity is starting back up and will peek in Aug then we will see steady increase into end of year so the possibility exists always
lowandaway lowandaway 1 day ago
Without a r/s, this thing never hits a nickel. You and I both know that!
Ecomike Ecomike 2 days ago
Right before we break and go past a nickle to higher prices.
💩 2 🛑 1 🤡 1
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
When do we hit your nickel?
👍️ 1
Ecomike Ecomike 2 days ago
Gotta love these Walmart sales, just before the shelves empty LOL

I ate another Milly, tasty lucky 7s
💩 1 🤡 1
floridaboy floridaboy 2 days ago
Impatience... Minimal, but still
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
Make that .0006 again!
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
..... that we see .0007 again!
👍️ 2 💯 1
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
This is the week...........
floridaboy floridaboy 2 days ago
This week?
Tally-ho Tally-ho 3 days ago
They stick around bc it's called a job,,,,..and they get paid for each reply they elicit from honest investors
Mister Mr Mister Mr 5 days ago
Hopefully we have filled in the 7s and 8s. Start hunting that 002 soon!
jinvest73 jinvest73 5 days ago
Good to see folks like GC and DD back! Let's get this party started. Time to leave trips for good. Trap them shorts!
👍️ 1
floridaboy floridaboy 5 days ago
Just gotta stay patient...
👍️ 1
nickeli54 nickeli54 5 days ago
👍️ 1
DD_dempsey DD_dempsey 5 days ago
With $SAPX- stair step move as we await quarterly

One thing is for certain - JB has always filed. That’s one of his managements strengths. He gets the filings done. This delay has got to be related to both the CEO health as stated clearly in the notice of late filing in May - and as well to the replacement of CPA/ auditing team. Very likely the new CPA likes to review the prior fins that were done and since it’s very close to the annual also - that could further explain the delay. Note- even though $SAPX has been an alternative filer via OTC - they hired /retained Borgers a few years ago to do the accounting etc. Could easily explain any delay and likely now all set and hopefully we hear soon like you suggested. I agree with you and hope we hear something. Can’t hurt to email and text.

see here -

Summation- $SAPX has always filed. They also have a real deal with LIONSGATE that can be confirmed with Lionsgate and has been stated now publicly in 8k filings to the SEC for months without any issue or refuting. That means something for sure. It’s actually huge validation. This dinky OTC company is dealing with one of the largest media and streaming companies in The world and guess what? REVENUES GO TO $SAPX. Not the other way. Intriguing.

Onward and upward. Next stop the break of .001+ pps IMO.
👍️ 3 💯 1
nickeli54 nickeli54 5 days ago
Churn baby churn
👍️ 1
Shodburrito Shodburrito 6 days ago
Accumulation is still rising. 530 million shares since the beginning of the year inluding 130 million since april. You're not getting bid fills and the price continues to creep up. The only sells to the bid are (very) small xxx thousand sells and wash trades to crash the bid. The ask at 8 can't hold because it gets at ate. Find another stock to bash on cause you guys clearly are failing at our job.
🎯 2 👍️ 2 💥 1 💯 1 🚀 1
Mister Mr Mister Mr 6 days ago
Bingo!! Poondale said he was out the other day yet the bitching and moaning continues! foreskin george is just crusty so we just pity him.
👍️ 1 🤡 1 🤣 1
Shodburrito Shodburrito 6 days ago
I love how none of the bashers on here actually post anything qualitatively important regarding this stock. All they do is b*tch and complain about how they don't like it. They can never explain why they stick around bashing if they do not own any shares and are not interested in buying any. It's pathetic.
👍️ 2 😍 1 🚀 1 🤡 1 🤣 1 🤮 1
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
"Keep being an ostrich and bury your head in the sand."

💨 1 🤡 1 🤣 1
lowandaway lowandaway 6 days ago
Keep being an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.
🤡 2
jinvest73 jinvest73 6 days ago
Foreskin and lowlife on ignore. Man, so damn annoying! Much better!
👍️ 2 😂 2 🙈 1 🙉 1
shoondale shoondale 6 days ago
If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it looks like a duck...
lowandaway lowandaway 6 days ago
Thank you for your input andre. Now, go back to your delusional pumping!
🎯 1 👌 1
Mister Mr Mister Mr 6 days ago
Not sure if you complainers and bashers got the memo but NO ONE gives a sh!t about you or you how feel they should treat you! Same for those little stocks that you buy. Thank you for explaining why you don't like them tho. Man, my life is complete now! That was the million dollar question and you answered it!
👍️ 2 💣️ 1 😍 1 😕 1 🚀 1 🤣 3
lowandaway lowandaway 6 days ago
The thing I don't like about this company is the misleading tweets they put out. They put out a tweet insinuating they can't release news because of the Jewish holiday Passover. But, just wait until Passover is done. Six weeks later, still nothing. Why can't they be straight with us?
🎯 1 👍️ 1
floridaboy floridaboy 6 days ago
It is what it is till it ain't
sealskin123 sealskin123 6 days ago
You are probably right.
👌 1 ✔️ 1
lowandaway lowandaway 6 days ago
Why next week. Won't next week just be another week of watching the paint dry?
🎯 1 💥 1
sealskin123 sealskin123 6 days ago
That could be around the corner! But hoping not. I guess we'll see next week!
floridaboy floridaboy 6 days ago
I know... Better flat than a dump fest

sealskin123 sealskin123 6 days ago
Not much love today!